Giovanna in Delightful Water

I Am The Beauty Of Nature

And So Are You! :)

Mission Possible

As a Real Food Lover I would love to share what I discovered about y-our food, during my lifetime.

I was born in 63 and have been Conscious about food since I was a little Girl.

If you wish to find out how to Prevent food related Problems
like Illnesses, Allergies, Skin issues and unstable Weight, stop here :)

They will not bother you when you integrate real quality food in your daily life. 
I will help you to recognize, select, prepare and take care of your personal food + for your loved ones.

I especially want to help young people to find their own (personal) and best way in the abundance of (food) choices.
Because Youngsters and Young adults are the Future Parents

of the Beautiful Babies still to be born.


the idea that new Children will be received on Earth by Healthy parents and Nourished with
Real food.

My Real Resources

Real Products

There are qualities to discover in natural & edible products..

Real Kitchen

The kitchen is the Heart of The House & the love centre of your energy..

Real Experience

Born in '63 & tapped into life's energy, still looking good & feeling great :)

Real Edible Nature

You are the Beauty of Nature and so is y-our real food..

Let me show you our Real Energy resources

Let Me In :)

I can Cook for You

I love small groups with a desire to Feel Real Food

I can Teach with You

Come to the Course or Program,

or invite me to speak on your stage.

I can Guide you Too

Do you wish my personal attention for your personal reasons?


These slides will be slide-able on the live version of your page!
Who Made This Chocol'Art?
Liquid Love (lentil soup)
Mark H. my tantric tree lover.

From Food Fascination into a Love Relation

My food fascination was dominant, ever since I was a girl. My Curiosity about foods (their characteristics, preparations, origins and quality aspects) has shaped my life! I developed a Real love Relationship with Natural food, being deeply involved in the world of best Quality foods.

Being an adult, this Fascination became leading in my ambitions and brought me to become a producer, importer and wholesaler of regional and handcrafted mediterranean products. As well as an Italian restaurant owner. 

Later I provided raw/vital food Workshops and coached people in their Personal development, including Lifestyle, since I am trained as a Coach/Counselor as well. This study answered my other lifelong fascination: the psychological / spiritual / philosophical / universal look at life.

My ambition now is to (co)create a training environment for (young) people becoming Food Wise. This will happen through raw Experience, focussing Attention and activating Inner Wisdom through all of our Senses and Innate Intelligences. Learning about Edible Products, BodyMind Chemistry and Natural Energy helps finding y~our way and Create Wellbeing within the abundance of food & life. 

Tantric Kitchen is about the Art of Living in harmony with our Real Nature.

I think it's time for a New Generation Cooking School! Knowing how to feed yourself and your Loved Ones is an underdeveloped and underestimated Lifeskill for health and wellbeing and I believe that all youngsters need to Explore these Basic Essentials in Taking Care of y-our Life.