Fancy Real Fast Food?

First of all, No, I will not dedicate this article to the benefits of Fasting. That’s a whole other story and I’m not up to it yet, loving food too much. ‘Fancy Real Fast Food?’ is drawing your attention to the fact that you can Enjoy Real Food also when you want it Fast. Real Fast even! (How about a few minutes? 🙂

You don’t need Fastfood without being able to Feel it as Real Food. It’s time to get to know the foods that wil nourish you in no time, leaving your BodyMind satisfied and taken care of.

Let me show you How and give you some Tips on How to prevent becoming addicted to instant and empty (nutritionwise) supermarket stuff or snackbar junk. Stay ahead of empty stomach shopping and cooking, so you feel calm and able to think clearly about your next real meal 🙂

By the way: it’s not that I want to scare you or ban all fastfood for ever! It’s just that with a bit more Care and Creativity, a bit more Anticipation and Presence, you can have all the Benefits of Real Food, without the downside: being dependant on ‘fillings’ ready made in factories machines.

Because there’s a lot ready made for you by Nature!

Here are some criteria that work for everybody:
  • Look for fresh
  • Choose for singulars you like and that provide variation
  • Does it bring you satisfaction and relaxation?

Did you see the fruits and crunchy nuts pop in to your mind?

Fresh fruits as well as dried fruits. Nuts as well as seeds. Veggies as well as seaweeds. These are the ones you can take with you everywhere or find in most food stores, without having to prepare them in a kitchen. They can be juicy as well as dried. A combination works very well. You get to choose from sweet and salty, dry and wet, crisp and soft, neutral and explicit flavors and textures. And you can vary very easily. Just pick what you’re in for at that moment in spacetime 🙂

They satisfy you because they are full of real nutrients and they relax your body because it feels nourished..

Here’s some beautiful examples what you can pick from and enjoy the biting, chewing, smelling, flavoring (and sensing the satisfaction) from:

  • Apples (discover your favorite apple by trying variaties in a natural food stores or farmers market or locals) or other Fruits in season.
  • Nuts (try the different variaties and also the difference between roasted, fried, raw, salted and soaked).
  • Dried fruits (there are many berries and dried fruits available, very different in their characteristics).
    More about this in the member area, but for now: if you go nuts for apricots or cranberries, choose ‘not sulphured’ dried apricots or dried cranberries soaked in apple juice..
  • Seeds are delicious too, especially quickly roasted. I like to mix raw with roasted, combining the best of both.
  • And there’s a whole array of ‘Singulars’: products that are not always vegetarian, like an egg, canned fish or a piece of (dried) meat (a piece you can recognize instead of minced and mixed).

Your Real Edible Nature

In Tantric Kitchen I will focus on Plant Based foods, because the Possibilities are great(-ly unknown) and the Beauty of it is not recognized enough. Furthermore, when it comes to animals as food, we need to be very aware of our ethics and ecologic responsibility. In short: the downsides of (this part of) human consumption needs a lot of care and attention and to be addressed specifically.

Quality First

In the mean time feel free not to eat vegan or vegetarian, but please: make sure you find pure, organic (or bio-dynamic) animals and careful suppliers. It’s so important you choose for the best quality foods and that you invest in the quality of the lives of those involved. These are vital aspects for y~our health. Quality comes first and is the best way ‘to pay it forward’ when it comes to sustainable living and maintaining quality of life.

Next Best

The you can play and experiment with combining the Best Combinations 🙂 You will be surprised how wonderful some singular products will behave once’s they get combined with their favorite companion(s). The things you look for: >>> are they complementary in Colour, Flavor and Texture? Sometimes 2 will do, many times 3 is simply best.

I have this great mix of dried fruits and nuts in my bag and never leave the house without them. They saved me many times, when meals were not available.

  • Pure Bread (flour, water, salt and sourdough) with pure fat (butter, coconut oil, ghee) and pure nut cream, olive cream or Tahin,
  • Oats with apple (raw) or raisins (cooked) for breakfast,
  • Nuts (raw or roasted almonds, hazelnuts, pecans, cashew, peanuts),
  • Fresh and dried fruits (in season as ripe as possible and all kinds of berries, apples, plums, tropical fruits, etc..)
  • Favorite fine (dark) chocolate, (there are many companies nowadays with exquisite products.)
  • Of course there are more examples, find those of your liking, also in the member site.
Easy to buy or prepare and to take with you!

The Nuts and (your favo) chocolate you store in your bag

The Bread you have to make (for a week) or buy in your favorite shop / of your favorite baker.

The Oats you have to put in the fridge overnight or cook in the morning.
And let me tell you: ‘cooked’ means as much as: heating it until cooking point and then turn of the heat,
put a lid on the pan and leave it there until you come back.

Join my Course if you want to Taste them and get the Recipes 🙂

Then there’s the bottom line

You know, one of the best secrets of highly professional cooks and culinary experts is that:

You need to get your Hands On The Best products, so you don’t have to add a lot of work and time.

Let me repeat that:

Once you get your Hands On the Best Products, the less  you have to do to Enjoy the Best Meals.

The better the quality of the product, the less you have to do.
So how do you recognize the best quality?

  • When it’s fresh, you check the signs of lively-ness, which vary per product.
  • Is it dried, you see if it’s labeled and if so, you check the label and ingredients.
  • Ready made products or meals? Check by whom, where and when.
    Labels can help, but are not always reliable. Learn how to read them.
    (Producers can manufacture and label just within the margins of the laws).
  • When it’s frozen, check the producer’s resources and controlled labels.
    Fish for example needs to be certified and you can be sure that if it’s cheap, it’s full of water,
    ruining the structure of the fish. (I know.., it makes me cry too).

    I will dedicate a special space in the member area for practicing the skill of:

  • Recognizing quality, per product (group).
  • Stocking & storing (having at hand what you need or want to eat Real Food)
  • Product knowledge! (how to choose and treat real food Getting to Know their Characteristics)

So maybe see you there, in a course or the member site then? 🙂

In love, Giovanna

@theheartoflife ~ sensing ~ being ~ enjoying ~ beauty ~ edible nature ~ vital energy ~ pure wellbeing ~ natural health ~ eat me ~ drink me ~ feel me ~ come in to my he~art
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